Investment Approach

We seek to generate attractive returns for our clients commensurate to their level of risk tolerance. Consequently, our approach begins by establishing a client's risk tolerance. We have clients consider this in terms of the dollar value of loss they could tolerate using historical bear market experiences.

We then have clients consider the returns they require to provide for their liabilities and to grow, preserve or diminish their capital base. We make client's aware of the level of risk they would need to take to achieve a particular return objective, and the time horizon over which these returns could be reasonably expected to be achieved.

Once a client's risk tolerance and return objective are determined, the initial investment decision is to determine their appropriate portfolio weighting to each of the three investment strategies which we utilise: Low Risk, Managed Risk and High Risk. Each strategy has specified risk and return objectives.

We then select the suite of investments we believe will best achieve the risk and return objectives for each strategy. Investments will be made through a combination of specialist investment managers and index investments.

Adjusting a client's portfolio weighting to each strategy, or making changes to the investments selected, will be regularly assessed and discussed with our clients.